A downloadable game for Windows

The game revolves around a journalist named Abdessalem. Our character got lost in a forest and by chance, Abdessalem finds a house and unfortunately, the journalist got stuck in a haunted house and everything goes wrong.



UNDEAD x84_64.zip 552 MB


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Very professionaldesign of the game! It scared even at the beginning the shit out of me because the scene is so nicely decorated. Very high detailed models, good lighting, but you get thrown into the scene without any backstory, incase you haven't got it from itch, so a little screen explaining who you are and why you are there would be nice. Last thing I want to criticise are the 550 MB that you have to download to play the game, but over all a good game that I would recomend everyone who likes horror!

To the developer:

I could create an Installer for your game it would look even more professional if you would like to. The file size would be reduced by 100 Mb too.

Thank u For your comment i will repaire my game and you can create an insatller and don't forget to send it to me

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